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Market Acceptance of Cloud Computing - An Empirical Analysis of Market Structure, Price Models and Service Requirements

by Lei Han

Institution: Universität Bayreuth
Department: Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Year: 0
Record ID: 1112469
Full text PDF: https://epub.uni-bayreuth.de/524/


As an emerging technology and business paradigm, Cloud Computing embeds fairly large amount of unexplored fields, from technological definition to business models. While the market of Cloud Computing is expected to expand in the near future, few studies of the actual market acceptance of the Cloud Computing services are done. It may be interesting, especially for the Cloud Computing service providers, to know more about the preferences of transaction forms and price models from the users and potential users. From an academic research’s point of view, we want to know whether the development of Cloud Computing market can be explained or even predicted by certain theoretical frameworks.