AbstractsWomens Studies

Feministiskt Initiativ - a new approach?

by Laura Hamburger Holm

Institution: Roskilde University
Year: 2015
Keywords: Sweden; feminism; gender equality; Feministiskt Initiativ; patriarchy
Record ID: 1120628
Full text PDF: http://rudar.ruc.dk/handle/1800/19378


Abstract: The aim of this project is to investigate how the Swedish political party, Feministiskt Initiativ (FI), contested the notion of feminism carried out by the Government at the time of the party’s establishment. In order to investigate this, our project will look into different policies by the Government and Feministiskt Initiativ, to see how Feministisk Initiativ challenges the Government’s notion on feminism. Moreover, this project will look into theories about radical and liberal feminism to understand why they have different perspectives on feminism, and how these are connected to the Swedish politics, but also to see on what different perspectives they challenge each other. Comparing and discussing the policies on this basis conclude that Feministiskt Initiativ takes a more radical stand on feminism while the Government takes a more liberal stand. Moreover, it is concluded that both the Government and Feministiskt Initiativ more or less stands for the same policies, but what makes them different is the fact that the Government has broadened their ‘feminist’ politics into gender equality and therefore they cover conditions for men. On the other hand, Feministiskt Initiativ makes their policies on the conditions of women and sees patriarchy as a main factor of the structures within the society. This they believe is the reason for discrimination and oppression of women. Keywords: Sweden, feminism, gender equality, Feministiskt Initiativ, patriarchy