AbstractsPhilosophy & Theology

In the In-Between: Chinese Experimental Art in the Third Space

by Gloria Habes

Institution: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Year: 2015
Keywords: Third Space; Chinese experimental art; Hybridity; Euroamerican reception; in-between; Art contemporani xinès
Record ID: 1126595
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10803/291942


This thesis shines a light on the Euroamerican reception of Chinese experimental art from 1990-2004. A selection of twelve exhibitions held in the Euroamerican context on Chinese experimental art are analysed within this study and a elaborate look has been taken at the exhibition itself, the works on display , the exhibition catalogue and the reviews that have been generated. The study focusses on Chinese experimental artists overseas but gives a very good impression on how Chinese experimental art has been received in general in the Euroamerican context. Also an extensive part of this dissertation has been dedicated to explaining basic and more in-depth background information on Chinese experimental art in order to gain a better understanding of this art current. Here, special attention has been paid to the overseas artists, and concepts such as transexperiences, hybridity, third space, diaspora and exile, and the “East-West” dichotomy.