AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Improving competitiveness of Daisy.Queen Beauty Salon

by Yan Li

Institution: Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2012
Record ID: 1134769
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/53198


The purpose of this thesis was to conduct a case study through some surveys and recommendations. The aim of the study was to find competitor‟s advantages, then it could provide recommendations and ways to Daisy.Queen beauty salon to be more attractive and competitive. The theoretical part of thesis include the importance of service, the seven P‟s of service marketing, the importance of service marketing in beauty industry. The seven P‟s of service marketing was analyzed and supported to the idea of recommendations. In order to know well about the exact situation of the beauty salon in this community, three ways of research were done in one large sized beauty salon. According to the results of these research, it is analyzed that the advantages of that in the same community. Based on the advantages of that large sized beauty salon, some suggestions for Daisy.Queen beauty salon are raised. Trough the comparison of seven P‟s from these beauty salons, some recommendations from marketing aspect and service aspect were given to Daisy.Queen beauty salon. I hope through my research and recommendation, Daisy.Queen beauty salon can develop their marketing and service items so that they can be more competitive and attract more new customers, keep regular customers.