AbstractsComputer Science

Realization of QoS for wireless mobile networks using fuzzy logic;

by G.M Mir

Institution: University of Kashmir
Year: 2015
Keywords: QoS-Fuzzy logic-Handoffs
Record ID: 1185288
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39953


Quality of Service QoS in communication networks is the ability of network to have some level of assurance that its traffic and service requirements can be satisfied which could mean high signal strength high bandwidth low packet loss small delay etc and the adequate amount of all these parameters newlinerequire proper handoffs at proper time Unless a suitable handoff mechanism is in place to maintain service continuity user mobility can disrupt an ongoing connection This thesis concentrates on acquiring Quality of Service QoS in handoffs using fuzzy logic technique the fast and timely handoffs to avoid loss newlineof calls are taken due care of In this thesis we examine the issues of the problem of handoffs and performing them quicker in cellular communication networks using fuzzy realization of QoS Chapter first presents the introduction about thesis and basics about newlinefuzzy logic In chapter two we attempted to obtain decentralization control of handoff which is suitable for micro and pico cellular systems and handoffs due to corner effects where signal strength fades quickly and needs quicker handoffs to take place In chapter three we attempted to modify hysteresis value so that a suitable handoff is initiated with corresponding density of traffic in cell and the velocity of the mobile user In chapter four we demonstrated the variable guard channels in accordance with traffic density to incorporate more traffic with different threshold values The assignment of desired flexible channels for accommodating more traffic is also presented Chapter five is about the path codification technique for proper handoffs The neighborhood of the mobile station forms symbols of the code newlinestring and the repetition of symbols decides the handoff Chapter six deals with dwell time of mobile station for optimizing handoffs between two tiers The thesis describes the design implementation and evaluation of these newlinetechniques suitable for efficient fast and timely handoffs with lesser drop call probabilities thus enhancing quality of service to the user%%%