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Visual simulation and optimization Model for water release from Vaigai reservoir system;

by Balamurugan R

Institution: Anna University
Department: Visual simulation and optimization Model for water release from Vaigai reservoir system
Year: 2015
Keywords: lower Vaigai area; Parthibanur Regulator
Record ID: 1206210
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34506


Water is the most important natural resource of a country The newlineentire society depends on water for carrying out daily activities and the newlinedemand for water is ever increasing During the past decades the rapid newlinedevelopment in computer and information technology has pervaded all newlineaspects life In the field of water resources planning and management hitherto newlineintractable problems are routinely solved using computational intelligence newlineheuristics The present is study aimed to develop soft computing technique newlineapplied to an irrigation system namely the Vaigai basin The Vaigai Basin is newlineone of the seventeen river basins in Tamil Nadu India The complexity in newlinereservoir management is due to inter basin transfer of the West flowing newlinePeriyar river water to the East flowing Vaigai river Also there are several newlineconstraints in operation of water release from both Periyar reservoir and newlineVaigai reservoir These kinds of water resources systems require simulation newlineand optimization models with multi dimensional data sets newlineThe Vaigai basin is divided into sub zones based on the control newlinestructures presents in the basin from Periyar Reservoir to Bay of Bengal newlineFrom Periyar reservoir to Vaigai dam is considered as Zone I from Vaigai newlinedam to Perannai regulator is Zone II from Perannai regulator to Viraganur newlineregulator is considered as Zone III Zone IV is between Viraganur regulator newlinenear Madurai to Parthibanur Regulator and lower Vaigai area newline%%%reference p152-157.