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The purpose of this study is to gain more knowledge of what types of challenges pupils are facing during their period of study at secondary school. The paper is about the different kinds of problems which pupils and teachers might encounter at school are addressed through three research questions. The location of the study is Oslo and the data collection is from fieldwork at a private secondary school. A qualitative research approach was applied, designed as a case study. The concepts included in the theoretical framework provide the study with tools to analyze the relationship between the micro levels of education. This level is includes pupils and teachers. The Norwegian Government on the part of Ministry of Education and municipalities are institutions respectively at the meso and macro level. The presented findings are based on the analysis of interviews with pupils and teachers in one school. Further on the study outcome were analyzed in relation with education law and compared to the other researches and investigations related to this study. The findings from this study indicate that there are a number of additional problems surrounding the student s performance, satisfaction, and discipline or behavioral problems. Associated with problems are motivations for study and enjoyment or satisfaction with the school or teachers. Such a concept as pupils performance or achievement at school was indissolubly connected with motivation. To meet these problems, it is important to improving teacher-student relationship, providing effective learning support and strengthens the communication between school and home. The problem faced by pupils cannot be determined and solved in their initial stage, and the objectives of education can hardly be achieved unless the students' goals are the same as the goals of education.