Plåtvändare för kvalitetssyning av plåt

by Anneli Pettersson

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 2014
Keywords: maskinteknik; mechanical engineering - general; ssab; plåtvändare; weldox; toolox
Record ID: 1330760
Full text PDF: http://www.bth.se/fou/cuppsats.nsf/6753b78eb2944e0ac1256608004f0535/8b8d8a1ddfd82341c1257d8d002dbba1?OpenDocument


This report forms the final work of the Bachelor’s degree in Product development, Blekinge Institute of Technology, spring 2014. The assignment includes the construction of a turning device for quality assurance of metal sheets’ surfaces at SSAB Oxelösund. As a model there is an already existing facility at SSAB in Mobile, USA. The dilemma is above all conversion of the designs to European standards. Thereafter follows the problem of a different product package for quality assurance control in Oxelösund. Finally the noise level needs to be lowered and some minor exposed construction problems are to be solved. The facility in the USA was built according to American standards which will have fundamental consequences and makes the choice of European standard products hard. To secure the strength of the construction at decreased dimensions, most of the materials have been changed to a higher quality. Many details are in SSAB’s own niche products, high strength steel. The result has become a more slender construction but with additional capacity. The work is structured as a project model where dynamic product development according to Freddy Olsson is combined with SSAB’s own project model Projox.