AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

The Industry of Electronic Signal Conditioning Modules: An Analysis of the Swedish Market

by Henrik Montalvo

Institution: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Year: 2007
Keywords: företagsekonomi; business administration - marketing; industry analysis; marketing strategy; signal conditioning modules
Record ID: 1333970
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In this thesis, I conduct the analysis of market competition applied to the industrial and technical products, namely, Electronic Signal Conditioning Modules developed by PR Electronics and sold in the Swedish market only. In the first chapter, I will review the existing theories on industrial analysis in an innovation context with the triple helix model in the European context and the open innovation model. In the second chapter, I will present a third model, namely the Michael Porter´s Five Forces Model which will be my method of market analysis. Porter’s model is designed to analyse competition across firms and industries. This model considers supplier issues, barriers of market entry, treat of substitute products, degree of rivalry and the importance of buyers dealing with technological products. The advantage of this model for the analysis I am doing is to consider the market analysis within a larger context of technological innovation related to the product, i.e. the 4100 product range in electronic signal conditioning module. The result of the thesis seeks to bring new strategic considerations for the Swedish market regarding the 4100 product range in particular placing it within the perspective of the company, PR electronics, vis-à-vis international competition and technological challenges.