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Investigating good usability consistency within and across the South African super 14 rugby franchise web sites

by Grant Royd Howard

Institution: University of South Africa
Year: 0
Keywords: Delphi Method; Web sites analysis; South African Super 14 rugby; Web site improvement; Comparative web site questionnaire; Data generation method triangulation; E-mail survey; Good usability consistency; Sport web site evaluation; Usability expert opinion
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This study investigates the usability of the South African Super 14 Rugby franchise web sites. Web site usability is a measure of a web site user’s experience when visiting a web site. A web site user’s experience will determine how well a web site’s goals are achieved. The relevant web site goals are, having as many visitors as possible, both unique visitors and repeat visitors, and ensuring that those visitors stay on the web site for as long as possible. This study uses data generation method triangulation to enhance the validity of the findings. The data generation methods are an e-mail questionnaire survey and an expert group consensus method called the Delphi Method. This study shows that within each web site and across all five web sites, there is poor usability consistency. Management guidelines and recommendations for improvements to these web sites are presented, so that the web site goals can be achieved.