The voluntary welfare organisations of the Border and Transkei: a contribution to the sociology of social work

by D. G. Bettison

Institution: Rhodes University
Department: Faculty of Humanities, Sociology
Degree: PhD
Year: 1956
Keywords: Social service  – South Africa  – Transkei; Social service  – South Africa  – Eastern Cape; Volunteer workers in social service
Record ID: 1484723
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10962/d1003102


This research is intended to examine the internal organisational structure of the existing [voluntary welfare] organisations to ascertain what relationship may prove effective between themselves and the [Border Local Welfare] Board. This aim introduced the need to ascertain whether a) the organisations in any town were connected with organisations in other towns or to a central administrative office either in the area of investigation or outside it; or b) the organisations of any town were simply ad hoc units unrelated to any other organisation or similar organisations elsewhere. If the latter were the case then the difficulty of co-ordination and representation on the Board could probably be no better arranged than an ad hoc system as at present. If, however, the former was the predominant pattern, then it would suggest other and more convenient means to the end in view. Fourthly, it was hoped to gain some knowledge of the fund raising methods of welfare organisations, the nature of the people controlling them, the attitudes of managing committees to social work, and what they thought a case work agency should do; and, lastly, some indication of the history of social work as practised by the voluntary agencies in the area of investigation. These latter topics were not intended to form the principal subject matter of the work. They have not been treated fully in the text, but the information gathered has been included in appropriate places throughout.