A study of an objective placement examination for sectioning college physics classes

by John Milton Willson

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
Year: 1931
Record ID: 1504455
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/17977


"For several years the Department of Physics of the Missouri School of Mines has practiced sectioning of its classes in general physics. The aim has been to segregate in one section the students of superior ability, giving them a course including both the fundamentals of physics and their applications in engineering. The remainder are given a course in fundamentals without placing so much stress upon the applications...Another criterion used to supplement the first-year grade record is the student's score on the Iowa Placement Examinations. The physics examination consists of two parts, the Training Series and the Aptitude Series. These examinations are administered at the first two meetings of the class in general physics, the Aptitude Examination being given on the first day and the Training Examination on the succeeding day...it was thought that the administration of the Iowa Examinations, requiring two periods, was wasteful of time. It was believed that an examination could be devised which could be administered in a single period and furnish information of sufficient worth. The MSM Physics Placement Examination was the result. This investigation is concerned with a critical study of the examination. the aims of the study are to determine the probable worth of the examination as a unit and as compared with similar examinations" – Introduction, p. 1-3.