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The role of the social worker in the care of the terminally ill.

by Annie G. Black

Institution: McGill University
Degree: Master of Social Work.
Year: 1949
Keywords: Social Work.
Record ID: 1506875
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The social worker has a contribution to make towards the present intensive program on cancer research. To discover the nature of that contribution is the purpose of this study. The terminally ill have become a most serious social problem in recent years. Since medical science has found cures for the death-dealing infectious diseases, more patients have survived to succumb to the chronic illnesses common to older age groups. Illness resulting from a damaged cardio-vascular system such as arteriosclerosis, a deterioration of the muscular-skeletal system. such as rheumatoid arthritis, a diseased respiratory system such as tuberculosis and diseased body cells producing dreaded cancer are considered to be chronic. Of all the chronically ill groups, none creates a more serious problem in relation to care than does the cancer group. The tear associated with cancer, the hopelessness engendered by such a diagnosis, the intensive care needed by this particular group, and the lack of the necessary facilities to give that needed care, all contribute to the seriousness ot the problem. The mortality statistics ot Canada for 1947 list cancer as the second most frequent cause of death;. one out of every eight deaths result from this disease. The medical profession, recognizing the seriousness of the problem, is concentrating on research to discover the causes, and effective cures. [...]