Temporal discrimination in rats during continuous brain stimulation.

by Joel. N. Kaplan

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Psychology.
Degree: MA.
Year: 1964
Keywords: Psychology.
Record ID: 1515417
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile115549.pdf


Kaada (1951) reported that electrical stimulation immediately anterior to and directly below the genu of the corpus collosum (septal area) produced inhibition of various autonomic and somatamotor responses. On the other band, he found that stimulation above the corpus collosum in the area of the anterior and midcingulate cortex yielded facilitation of these same reactions. Based on Kaada's data, McCleary (1961) found a difference between these two loci at the behavioral level. Cats sustaining bilateral subcallosal lesions were deficient in acquiring a passive avoidance response (PAR).