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"The work of preparing suitable drawings and specifications for the construction of the new Ore Dressing Laboratory of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy was begun about August 15, 1909. At that time general plans, as shown in drawings No. 1 and No. 2, were drawn up and submitted for approval. With certain minor alterations, to be mentioned under the section on specifications, these plans will be followed in the installation of machinery. Other detail drawings were made by the class in Ore Dressing Problems under the direction of the writer during the school term ending March 12, 1910. It is not intended that this work shall contain such complete plans, specifications, and detail working drawings as would be necessary if the installation were to be made by outside contractors. The work of installation and construction will be conducted during the summer of 1910 by mechanics in the employ of the school and under the supervision of the writer, or under the direction of some one else equally familiar with the conditions at hand. On this account the specifications and working drawings are not complete in all details, as a few verbal instructions at the time of installation, from one familiar with the work, are frequently more useful to the mechanic than a sheet of detail drawings and pages of specifications" – Introduction, leaf 1.