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Jewish opinion of Jesus since 1900.

by John Joy Randolph Held

Institution: Boston University
Year: 1951
Record ID: 1553567
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2144/11181


The problem of this study is to discover the attitude of Jewry at large toward Jesus. This involves also a consideration of Jewish opinion of Christianity since the two are closely related in the Jewish mind. A subsidiary interest arises to which we give attention - the outlook for an organic union of Judaism and Christianity. In seeking the answer to the problem we must enter three areas of investigation: (1) the place Jesus holds in modern Jewish religious thought; (2) the avowed reasons for the continued Jewish rejection of Jesus and the separation between Judaism and Christianity; and (3) the Jewish attitude toward the possibility and desirability of a union of the two faiths. The procedure used was to read every available book, pamphlet, and magazine article bearing on Jewish opinion of Jesus; personal conferences were held with Rabbis and Jewish laymen; and letters and questionnaires were sent out to twenty-two Jewish Rabbis and laymen of all schools of thought. [TRUNCATED]