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Financial history of Boone county from 1821 to 1835

by Henry Joseph Gerling

Institution: University of Missouri – Columbia
Year: 1896
Record ID: 1555737
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10355/15708


In a sense the financial history of Boone County may be said to begin as early as 1816, at the time of the organization of Howard County. But in as much as it possessed no financial powers prior to 1821 separate from those of the county within whose jurisdiction it lay, we may regard a consideration of that period as properly beyond the purview of the present work. We shall also confine ourselves to an investigation of the sources of revenue irrespective of its administration and expenditure. This essay would perhaps on this account be more properly entitled a history of the sources of revenue of Boone County from 1821 to 1835. But, although it has been necessary to thus limit the scope of the work, the title originally adopted will apply.