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The east zone of Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines, Limited, Northwest Territories.

by Robert Walter. Kirkland

Institution: McGill University
Department: Department of Geological Sciences.
Degree: MS.
Year: 1947
Keywords: Geological Sciences.
Record ID: 1580485
Full text PDF: http://digitool.library.mcgill.ca/thesisfile125467.pdf


Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines, Ltd., was incorporated in 1937 to develop the Giant group of claims staked two years previously on the northwest side of Yellowknife Bay, Great Slave Lake, within predominately volcanic rocks forming the basal assemblage of the Yellowknife Group (Figure 1). Preliminary exploration revealed a number of gold-bearing shear zones and irregular gold-quartz veins. From some of the latter a total of 647 ounces of gold were produced prior to 1941. In that year control of the Company was acquired by Frobisher Exploration Company, whose geologist, A.S.Dadson, advanced the suggestion that the valley of Baker Creek which crosses the claims, was underlain by a major shear zone that might be gold-bearing. Diamond drilling verified this hypothesis and ore-shoots totalling 6,390 feet have thus far been indicated within a total distance of 11,800 feet. The East zone forms one of the ore-bearing zones (Figure 2).