AbstractsComputer Science

The Appropriate Use of Human Intelligence in Combating Terrorism

by Mutlu Koseli

Institution: University of North Texas
Year: 2003
Keywords: Terrorism  – Prevention.; Intelligence service.; Terrorism; combating terrorism; intelligence; human intelligence; HUMINT
Record ID: 1734339
Full text PDF: http://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc4258/


When we looked at different issues in terrorism such as definitions, descriptions and motivations, groups and supporters, tactics, strategies, and victims of terrorists and terrorist activities, we see that terrorism is an issue that can occur at any time, and in any place, and it seems that the terrorism threat will still exist in the future. It is almost impossible to stop all terrorist activities all over the world, but it is possible to formulate an anti-terrorism policy that can keep terrorist activities at a minimum level and prevent planned terror activities by a well developed intelligence network. It seems that to establish a good intelligence collection system an approach in which HUMINT and TECHINT are interdependent with each other is necessary. By using a combination of human and technical intelligence collection methods, intelligence agencies can become more effective and efficient against terrorism.