AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration

Strategic analysis of the storage division in a fabless semiconductor company

by Rachelle Deanne Trent

Institution: Simon Fraser University
Year: 2007
Record ID: 1811168
Full text PDF: http://summit.sfu.ca/item/8222


Since the 2000 technology market crash, CommIC, a fabless semiconductor company, has been focused on diversifying their integrated circuit business away from telecommunications and into other markets. One of the markets that CommIC has been focussed on and successful in is the storage market. The firm entered the storage market with a single product targeted around the company’s core strength and won 60 percent market share. CommIC would like to further invest in their storage Products Division and dominate the entire storage market. This paper presents the storage market, analyzes the key success factors and presents a strategy for CommIC to gain dominant storage market share. CommIC’s internal capabilities are analyzed against the required strategy and any capability gaps are identified. This paper ends with a recommended action plan for CommIC to successfully execute on and become market leader in the storage market.