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The leading Clydesdale sires in Canada

by Ralph A. Sutt

Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Year: 1933
Record ID: 1887551
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10388/etd-07302010-104441


The outlook for the Clydesdale horse trade in Canada has brightened considerably in the course of the past year. Contractors and others have at length found that, for short hauls and town work, horse traction is the most economical. Clydesdale breeders have taken courage again, and steps have been adopted to increase the draught horse population (5). In 1931, only four Clydesdales were imported from Scotland, but in 1932, the number was 33. This, however, is far behind the business done in pre-war days. There has been considerable demand for mares and fillies thus indicating a revival in horse breeding (5). Numbers in brackets refer to bibliography.