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A director's approach to Clarvoe's The Brothers Karamazov

by Louis A. Wells

Institution: Rutgers University
Department: Theater Arts
Degree: MF
Year: 2013
Keywords: Theater – Production and direction
Record ID: 1994115
Full text PDF: http://hdl.rutgers.edu/1782.1/rucore10000700001.ETD.000068502


In October of 2004 I staged Anthony Clarvoe’s adaptation of The Brothers Karamazov for completion of my Master of Fine Arts thesis. This document aims to record the production process and to demonstrate the learning of the candidate and, through that reflection, to explore what was successful and what was not. I have had a hard time being fully fair to both successes and failures. Before writing this document, I was painfully aware of the failures of the production. As I approach completion of this paper the successes are more acute. Finally writing this thesis has shown me more successes than I was aware of, eight years ago, when I started writing this.