Meat consumption among Danish men

by Nicolaj Leth

Institution: Roskilde University
Year: 2016
Keywords: Meat consumption; Practice theory; Communication; Video; Environmentally friendly consumption
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2067862
Full text PDF: http://rudar.ruc.dk/handle/1800/27489


This project aims to investigate the meat consumption habits of our target group consisting of adult men in Denmark. Several statistics show that Danish men are prone to eating a lot of meat. In turn, vast meat consumption has been proven to be extremely damaging with regards to global warming. Therefore, we have looked into how and what it takes for our chosen target group to change their food consumption behavior so that it includes less meat, and come up with a communication product that we think could be a solution to the problem. Our research suggests that consumer behavior and reflexivity is not necessarily linked, and that people often base their consumption decisions on their everyday embodied routines, and the target group can not be convinced merely by presenting them with cold facts about environmentally friendly consumption. The research also suggests that everyday eating, and eating socially, embodies different practices, and it will be easier to try to influence the target group in their workweek dinner practice instead of consumption with others. The project take use of Bente Halkier, Alan Warde, and Andreas Reckwitz writings on practice theory to create an analytical framework to analyse a sample size of ten men from the target group. This analysis then created the foundation for the construction of the communication product. We have attempted to offer a communication product consisting of a line of videos presenting vegan recipes to our target group in order to lower their consumption of meat. These recipes will be available through videos, as we found this particular medium the most effective in order to influence our target audience. We have concluded that in order to get through to our recipients, we will have to keep the videos simple and appealing by using the three buzzwords quick, tasty and healthy. Advisors/Committee Members: Lapenta, Francesco (advisor).