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Binnengasthuis: Why large needs small – introducing housing in monumental buildings:

by F Brinks

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2015
Keywords: transformation; architectural scale; monumental; housing
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2069597
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Within the context of increasing vacancy in both offices as institutional buildings, transforming the monumental buildings of the Binnengasthuis area into a housing purpose is a relevant assignment as the housing demand in Amsterdam will always maintain. As housing requires a small scale appropriate to live in, this arises a conflict with the monumental building. This conflict in scale should be approached on different levels : the volume, the element, the materialization, depending on the buildings value and program. Advisors/Committee Members: Spoormans, L.G.K., Quist, W.J., Clarke, N..