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Investigating Non-regulatory Approach for Source Water Protection on the St. Paul’s Watershed, Liberia

by Othello K. Nyenkan

Institution: Staffordshire University, UK
Department: Department of Geography
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2014
Keywords: Source Water, Watershed,Liberia,St.Paul
Posted: 03/10/2017
Record ID: 2150658
Full text PDF: https://www.slideshare.net/OthelloNyenkan


Protecting water resources in developing countries is a major problem. In Liberia, a developing country, rivers and streams used for domestic drinking purpose are being polluted by industrial and domestic waste (GoL, 2007). Wastes from rubber plantations, raw sewerage and other economic activities continue to undermine the quality of ground and surface water used for drinking in Monrovia and environs. The problem is further complicated by the low sustainability of communal facilities for water and sanitation. Like in many developing countries, achieving environmental protection is greatly hampered by ineffective regulations. Additionally, a strong debate in the environmental arena is about the workability of voluntary approaches in developing countries. This paper contributes to this debate and provides support and evidence that voluntary tools can work in developing countries. While not universal, it argues that under set conditions, they have addressed issue otherwise in the absence of command and control regulatory regimes and are useful for Source Water Protection in Liberia.