AbstractsEarth & Environmental Science

Scientific Approach for New Resilient Coastal Landscape Design

by Anahita Kianous

Institution: Boston Architectural College.edu
Department: Landscape Architecture
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2014
Keywords: Resilient-Coast-Natural-Landscape-Science data-transferring water
Posted: 05/30/2017
Record ID: 2150666
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Revitalizing Revere Beach, Ma is a case study to mitigate floods based on Bernoulli 's principle. This proposal projects an idea of connecting puddles with fissures a set of "Flute channels", which is my innovation design approach to transfer water from coast to wetland behind it. It helps to lower down the sea level in high tides and sudden tides. Retrofitting Revere Beach as a case study for flood Mitigate with a New Resilient Coastal Landscape approach started to study the watershed of the East Coast that includes three parts of North, Mid-Atlantic, and South Atlantic. Each has a flow that moves up and then inward to the east, in a concave pattern precipitated scale toward the north caused by the velocity of currents. In compare to the Pacific coast, this figuration came to appears as the convex pattern as the currents also are affected differently based on the climate and the land used materials. The project focused on how to manipulate waves and the currents to preserve the land figuration and creates the natural coastal landscape. Geo Technical research and scientific data is the fundamental study that I got the benefit of understanding the exact waves motion, density, velocity of water and how the different type of currents affect the land shape. My project is translating the science into landscape architecture. Earth and ocean are not sustainable- they’re dynamic, they’re shifting, they’re changing the landscape and coast components; land-used material as such salty sand beaches and ripple effects of waves affect the land in different ways. My hypothesis idea of retrofitting coastal landscape backs to its natural creation, which will be a combination of four components of barrier islands, bay or lagoon, thumb-lands or forelands and wetlands. These four figurations are shaped based on different wave motions and currents. I discovered two scales of the solution. Short and long term phasing. For the long term, I suggested floating island, which I examined it by the different objects adding to the coral reef at the Revere Beach. Objective, found a missing part of coastal components, the floating islands. And, Flute Channel was innovative design approached by science data of Bernoulli’s principle. In this term, water transferred from coast to the wetlands behind it. The connected containers science data was a combination solution to this creation.