Yinka Shonibare. Post Colonial Discord and the ContemporarySocial Fabric of 2017.

by Jennifer Dawn Stavrianou

Institution: Kent State University
Year: 2017
Keywords: African History; African Studies; Art History; Dutch Wax fabric; Yinka Shonibare; Post Colonial Discord; stereo-types; satire; racism; globalism; nationalism
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2222130
Full text PDF: http://rave.ohiolink.edu/etdc/view?acc_num=kent1492814338595612


This thesis looks at artist Yinka Shonibare's satireof three iconic works in the history of western art. Throughparody, Shonibare creates sculptures and photographs that exposethe stereotypes that westerners contribute to and deal with in thesocial structure of 2017. By analyzing what Shonibare's workcommunicates about social stereotypes, insights about socialnormatives emerge, which is an activism that the artists workcarries. This thesis analyzes how Shonibare creates socialactivism.Advisors/Committee Members: Warner, John-Micheal (Advisor).