Look East Policy: Implications on Malaysia-Japan Relationship

by Uqbah Iqbal

Institution: National University of Malaysia
Department: International Relation & Strategic Studies
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Year: 2008
Keywords: Japan, Look East Policy, Malaysia, Mahathir, Management
Posted: 09/03/2018
Record ID: 2222155
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Malaysia-Japan relationship has been in existence for long. The relationship covers trade, investment and other economic activities. Malaysia is considered an important partner to Japan even prior to the implementation of the Look East Policy. Special relationship that has been developed between Malaysia and Japan since the year 1980 is the reflection of Dr. Mahathir's personality and character. There were also other individuals who privately or through their organizations helped to promote Japan-Malaysia relations. Under the Look East Policy structural changes and trainings were carried out. To understand the Look East Policy, we must look at the operation of the sogoshoshas at international level. It also brought to the establishment of Malaysia Incorporated, in-house union, Privatisation, Corporatization and also the Malaysian Car (Proton Saga) project. Despite the efforts, there were still many weakness in the implementation of the Look East Policy.