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Using caffeine for treatment sewage lakes for kill flies and mosquitoes .

by Fathy Salah El Din Baumy

Institution: Free lancer researcher
Department: Agricultural science
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Year: 2018
Keywords: Caffeine flyies,caffeine kill mosquitoes,fathy baumy,using caffeine for control mosquitoes,using caffeine for treatment sewage water,lakes treatment by caffeine.
Posted: 04/13/2019
Record ID: 2222175
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Using caffiene"coffee extract powder"forsterilization of waterlacks toget rid of mosquitoes unmature and mature stages and inhibit herbs such as un useful herbs and slugs. Abstractby:Mr/FathyBaumy.2018. Background: Mosquitoes is most unuseful parasites for human.and animals,it is also transfer pathogenes and virus such as many viruses,it is can.propagationon sewage and polluted waters in this teqhniques will be using a caffiene for inhibiting the umatured and matured mosquitoes,slugs,herbsinsewgewater. Material and methods: When we use a caffeine mixture as powder extract"coffee"without sugare by 20 gram/liter for1-2m2 on surface ofsewge waterlacks or at home for control flyies by putting caffeine as 10 gm for 3-4 m for by sprayed or mixture was water which putting on surface for make a water trap that when flies want to drink mixtured caffeine water solution it can be died soon within few minutes ,it can inhibiting and sterilize mosquitoes,herbs and other slugs in water after 2-4days. Benefits: *very useful and natural way. *it can get rid of 3or4 parasites as one way such as aquaherbs,mosquitoes and slugs. *cheap when it comparisoned with the other ways. *it is available in any supermarket for use . Percautions: *don't used the treated water for irrigation plants unless week or two weeks. *caffeine is a killer for plants but can kill aqua herbs. Results: When using caffiene as coffee powder extract as 20gram/m2 it is inhibiting and sterilizing sewge water lacks by inhibiting unmature and matured mosquitoes,herbs,slugs. About the author: Egyptian agricultural engineer which have been registered the first case of Cycas revoluta rust. Mr/Fathy baumy. E_mail:fathibaumy@gmail.com