AbstractsBusiness Management & Administration


by Joshua Oloruntoba Fatuyi

Institution: University of Phoenix
Department: Advance Studies
Degree: Doctorate Degree
Year: 2019
Keywords: Transformational Leadership
Posted: 08/28/2019
Record ID: 2222193
Full text PDF: http://file:///C:/Users/tobaj/Desktop/FATUYI__dissertation.pdf


Like other organizations which depend on human capital, retail bank employees are the most important resources to remain competitive and achieve organizational performance. Bank employees face a myriad of concerns ranging from pay, job motivation, and satisfaction. The purpose of this quantitative descriptive research study was to examine the relationship between the transformational leadership model and the motivation of an employee’s willingness to participate in decision making. The study encompassed retail bank employees who work in retail banks in Richmond, who are 18 years or older, and reside in Richmond City. These data collections were completed with the use of a Likert-type scale survey document with questions compiled by the researcher through the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) and administered by SurveyMonkey. The retail banks employees responded to the survey using the self-rated form of questionnaire to assess the four-transformational leadership attributes thus; empowerment, modeling, trust, and mentoring. The results of this research support Bass’s (1985) theory of transformational leaders who equip employees with relevant provisions to achieve more than expected, thereby motivating the employees to participate in decision making. Findings of the study demonstrated statistical significance and correlations between the attributes of transformational leadership and motivation of employee to participate willingly in decision making. The findings of this study also support the understanding that when all the attributes are in practice, the principles adopted by the transformational leadership style will motivate employees’ willingness to participate in decision making.