Cultural Democracy

The Way Festivals Affect Society

by Maria-Louisa Laopodi

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Institution: Queen Margaret University College
Advisor(s): Douglas Brown
Degree: MSc Festival Producing & Management
Year: 2002
Volume: 181 pages
ISBN-10: 1581121865
ISBN-13: 9781581121865


The dissertation studies the extent to which festivals, from a popular event for the masses, evolved into exclusive events, and shows how festivals affect society and are affected by it through practices in accordance with cultural democracy.

Festivals relation to society is explained through the following concept-areas:

1. The artist's role

2. The use of festivals

3. The European example

4. Cultural democracy

5. Cultural policy

6. Active participation

7. Cultural tourism

8. The media

The dissertation identifies cultural policy, active participation and the media as key areas of concern in order to attain a coherent culturally democratic society. The study recognised that certain festivals and forms of art have been taken over by elite groups of people who exclude others from accessing them.

What is called mass culture appeared to include many more practices and manifestations of creativity than the perceived established arts. How mass culture is seen, is important in the way people are given freedom to preserve and express their cultural preferences and identities.

In this respect, the media play an important role through their capacity to promote and supply culture. The media use segmented functions of culture and influence people's behaviours.

About The Author

Lived and studied in Luxemburg, Belgium and Greece. Involved in Festivals and other cultural and architectural projects.