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Development of a supply chain management framework for health care goods provided as humanitarian assistance in complex political emergencies

by George Anthony McGuire

Institution: Vienna University of Economics and Business
Year: 2006
Keywords: Supply chain management / medical device / humanitarian assistance / armed conflict / logistics /
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Full text PDF: http://epub.wu.ac.at/1878/1/document.pdf


The thesis develops a coherent and comprehensive supply chain management framework for managing health care goods provided as humanitarian assistance in complex political emergencies. The objective of the research is improving the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics services which enable humanitarian organizations to reduce suffering, morbidity, disability and mortality of populations affected by armed conflicts. The framework is deduced from models and concepts developed for commercial logistics and supply chain management by considering the objectives and constraints of humanitarian organizations, the context in which they work as well as the characteristics of health care goods. For the logistics processes of item selection, sourcing, storage, transport and customer service frameworks are developed at the levels of supply network design, supply chain planning and supply chain operations. For each category, decision criteria are proposed according to the phase of the crisis, the distance from the crisis area as well as the criticality of health care goods. The framework allows humanitarian organizations to develop strategic, tactical as well as operational plans for providing logistical support to specific humanitarian assistance programmes within their constraints and in the context of the respective complex political emergency. (author's abstract)