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The immunobiology of the rat testicular macrophage / by Stephan Kern.

by Stephan Kern

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1995
Keywords: Macrophages.; Testis.; Cytokines.; Leydig cells.; Cellular immunity.; Rats Physiology.
Record ID: 1032378
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/22508


Suggests that the testicular macrophage exhibits characteristics similar to that of a suppressor macrophage phenotype. The inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation by the testicular macrophage, its unique cytokine profile, high basal production of GM-CSF and prostaglandins, and the refractoriness to LPS all suggests a role that contributes to the immune privilege that is afforded the testis. However, these aspects of testicular macrophage immuno-biology also support a role in local cell-cell communication and regulation of the normal physiology of the testis, and macrophages may be directly involved in Leydig cell steriogenesis.