The assessment of capacity reduction due to pitting corrosion in Steel Tension Members

by Callum. Dunn

Institution: Central Queensland University
Year: 2014
Keywords: Metals Corrosion fatigue.; 09 Engineering.; TBA.; TBA.; TBA.; Steel Corrosion.; Thesis
Record ID: 1040639
Full text PDF: http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/1025739


Pitting corrosion occurs in all types of environments, and produces negative effects on selected structures at varying rates, dependant on the conditions and the elements involved. Previous studies have come to conclusive results regarding the rate of pitting corrosion formation, however the analysis of pitting location, and hence the capacity reduction along a selected member is a less researched topic. The aim of this paper is to create a foundation for the advancement of Finite Element Analysis of pitting corrosion in steel tension members. This paper discusses and analyses the tensile capacity effects of the varying location of pits along the face of a 26mm diameter steel rod. Comparative solutions have been provided, with the results and diagrams exhibited coming from the associated STRAND7 models.