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Bio-prospecting microalgae from cental Queensland for lipid production by assessing biomass and lipid concentration using near infrared spectroscopy

by Vineela. Challagulla

Institution: Central Queensland University
Year: 2013
Keywords: Biodiesel fuels.; Lipids Biotechnology.; Microalgae Biotechnology.; Applied research.; Microalgae  – Bio-prospecting  – Near-infrared spectroscopy  – Biomass  – Lipid; Thesis. Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health (Doctoral)
Record ID: 1044911
Full text PDF: http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/929904


"This study concludes that a C. vulgaris strain isolated from the Central Queensland region has lipid content equal to that reported in the literature and can be a potential candidate for biodiesel production if growth parameters are further optimized. Bioprospecting of microalgae may be extended to different seasons, locations and water habitats (especially marine, waste waters and hyper saline) in Queensland. Biomass and lipid content assessed using NIRS on dry filtrates was successful and can be further applied to assess lipid profile parameters such as fatty acid chain lenghts and degree of un-saturation, which play a major role in biodiesel fuel quality" – Abstract.