AbstractsEarth & Environmental Science

A geological reconnaissance of portions of Counties Stanley, Burra, Light and Eyre.

by R. B. Wilson

Institution: University of Adelaide
Year: 1949
Keywords: Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia; Honours; Geology; Adelaide Geosyncline; Adelaidean; stratigraphy; structure
Record ID: 1044983
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/84148


The area under consideration is portion of Counties Stanley, Burra, Light and Eyre, and is situated to the south and south west of the Town of Burra. It lies between Farrell Flat to the west, Robertstown to the east, Waterloo to the south, and the northern boundary lies about 10 miles south of Burra. The main road from Adelaide to Burra runs approximately through the centre of the area. Initially this work was undertaken as a Geological interpretation of aerial photographs, from which the base map was drawn. The interpretation of the Geology was limited to a delineation of the outstanding ridges by means of trend lines, all running in a north-south direction, details of this work being contained in a separate report on the photo interpretation which is appended. It was realised after this work was completed that it would be necessary to check many features in the field and with this in view, a brief reconnaissance of the whole area was made. It must be emphasized that owing to the limited time available, every portion of the area could not be visited. However, by a combination of information gathered in the field, with interpretation from the air photos, a regional picture of the Geology of the area can be presented. The authors wish to acknowledge assistance provided by Professor Sir Douglas Mawson, with regards to research grants and transport facilities, also to both Sir Douglas Mawson and Professor E. A. Rudd for numerous suggestions.