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Ground water monitoring system for effluent irrigated areas : a case study of Hawkesbury water recycling scheme

by Gavin John Beveridge

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Department: School of Natural Sciences
Degree: MS(Hons)
Year: 2006
Keywords: groundwater; water reuse; aquifers; Hawkesbury Water Recycling Scheme
Record ID: 1053289
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/15008


Water recycling schemes are increasingly being implemented across Australia as an effective means of converting wastewater into a valuable resource. There is currently a lack of specific guidelines for the monitoring of groundwater resources associated with these schemes. This is despite it being widely acknowledged that a monitoring system is a fundamental component of a scheme, due to the risk of altering the hydrogeological processes and resource devaluation. The aim of this research was to address this information gap, by developing guidelines that provide a platform for the continuous improvement in groundwater monitoring systems for recycling schemes. To achieve the stated aim, an action research strategy formed the methodological approach for the implementation of the objectives. Existing guidelines for monitoring systems were reviewed, consolidated and refined, in consultation with industry expertise. The developed guidelines were then verified through the implementation of a case study at the Hawkesbury Water Recycling Scheme (HWRS), with the resulting information providing for a preliminary characterisation of the resources. Designed on current best practice, and to meet statutory requirements, the guidelines addressed the identified information gap. The research recommends the integration of groundwater monitoring systems into the environmental management system for recycling schemes, to provide for continuous refinement through the interpretation of the knowledge base developed in previous cycles. Adoption of this practice will initiate improved decision making and management processes, and provide for future resource protection and enhancement. Master of Science (Hons)