AbstractsBiology & Animal Science

Development and evaluation of a thin-film fixed-bed reactor (TFFBR) for solar photocatalytic disinfection of aquaculture systems

by Sadia. Khan

Institution: Central Queensland University
Year: 2013
Keywords: Aquaculture industry Water-supply.; Aeromonas hydophila.; Water Purification Disinfection.; Water Purification Microbial removal.; Photocatalysis.; 060599 Microbiology not elsewhere classified.; 830102 Aquaculture Fin Fish (excl. Tuna); Applied research.; Solar photocatalysis  – Solar reactor  – Titanium dioxide; Thesis. Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health (Doctoral); Book. e-thesis
Record ID: 1054459
Full text PDF: http://hdl.cqu.edu.au/10018/937960


"The main aim of this project was to develop and optimise a thin-film fixed-bed reactor (TFFBR) in a pilot-scale system of solar energy to inactivate aquaculture pathogens and other microbes present in water." – Abstract.