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Gross domestic product and its correlation with shareprices in the Nordics 2000 - 2014

by Lauri Saikkonen

Institution: Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu
Year: 2014
Record ID: 1131631
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/79713


The purpose of this thesis was to find out how the shares from different large cap companies in Nordics that are listed in stock exchanges correlate with the gross domestic product. The topic was chosen due to the personal interest to the issue. The thesis consists of five theoretical parts. The first part is the theory about gross domestic product, the second is the theory of pricing the shares, the third is about gross domestic product and relation to investments, the fourth is about Nordic economies and the fifth is about correlation. Together with the study there is a research, which was conducted by Microsoft Excel, which allowed examining the information obtained from OMX Nordic web-site more easily. The results of the study revealed that some of the industries and countries correlate better with the gross domestic product than the others and that this is due to the different business models and target market, which in some cases can be located in a different country.