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Organizational knowledge extraction from business process models = Szervezeti tudás kinyerése üzleti folyamatmodellekből

by Mátyás Török

Institution: Corvinus University of Budapest
Department: Gazdaságinformatika Doktori Iskola
Degree: PhD
Year: 2014
Keywords: Információgazdaság; Számítástechnika
Record ID: 1178291
Full text PDF: http://phd.lib.uni-corvinus.hu/817/


My research area is dedicated to the challenges of knowledge extraction from business processes. I analyzed the opportunities of knowledge extraction based on the literature, my research background and practical experiences. I am proposing a solution to extract, organize and preserve knowledge embedded in organizational processes to enrich the organizational knowledge base in a systematic and controlled way. My other research problem is how to organize the extracted knowledge, what are the appropriate ICT solutions, environment for it. I reviewed theoretical foundations of related fields, like business process management, semantic technology, semantic business process management and ontologies. Ontologies play a key role in semantic business process management, because they provide the structure for organizational knowledge. Therefore I discussed their background detailed in the literature review section. I have identified the requirements in the business process modeling level to be able to use a complex process model as a base of creating the links between the process models and the domain ontology. The novelty of the solution is based on the connection between process model and corporate knowledge, where the process structure will be extended with the annotation for knowledge structure. The resulting process and domain ontology duplet enables a higher level of automation for IT implementation and a wider range of possibilities for machine-reasoning. The research outcome is going to be tested in a reference architecture, where the main goal is to create a supporting infrastructure capable to conduct multi-lateral searches especially for the purpose to support employees to easily acquire their job role specific knowledge, but there are wider areas for application. The resulting knowledge repository holds multilateral information specifically for the viewpoints of organizational stakeholders and IT systems. The proposed solution support employees to easily acquire their job role specific knowledge, support IT departments to efficiently answer the challenge of changes to be applied at different processes, and knowledge engineers to have a better insight into the organizations’ knowledge environment.