Subjective well-being in the European Union = Szubjektív jólét az Európai Unióban

by Kristóf Lehmann

Institution: Corvinus University of Budapest
Department: Nemzetközi Kapcsolatok Doktori Iskola
Degree: PhD
Year: 2014
Keywords: Statisztika; Szociológia; Gazdasági fejlődés
Record ID: 1178825
Full text PDF: http://phd.lib.uni-corvinus.hu/738/


The dissertation analyses the subjective well-being in the European Union. Using subjective indicators for measuring well-being is a relatively new approach in social sciences. The dissertation summarized the methodological questions about the happiness approach and interpreted several important findings for economics. Besides, the research focuses on the correlations between subjective well-being (life satisfaction) and objective socio-economic indicators within the European Union. We used fixed effect panel and difference models for estimations. The used method makes it possible to analyze the well-being effect of historical events like the euro adaptation or the EU accession from the subjective well-being point of view.