Identification of victim in forensic Dentistry from dental images;

by Vijayakumari B

Institution: Anna University
Department: Identification of victim in forensic Dentistry from dental images
Year: 2015
Keywords: Disaster Victim Identification; Odontology and anthropology
Record ID: 1183220
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41991


The frequency of mass disasters has been increasing around the newlineWorld many of which are accompanied by mass fatalities Natural and man newlinemade disasters will result in mass deaths Such incidents would create the newlinepressure for the fatalities to be identified which is the responsibility of the newlineGovernment Hence it initiates the necessity of Disaster Victim Identification newline DVI Often the DVI efforts after a mass death event will be newlinemultidisciplinary and include various areas of expertise such as forensic newlineodontology pathology genetics forensic anthropology and general forensic newlinesciences In mass disaster situations a forensic expert team has been desired newlinefor identifying the victims as soon as possible During the calamities newlineidentification has mostly been done by fingerprinting and DNA analysis newlinemethods However due to the severe weather conditions bodies are smashed newlineThe fingerprints are often unavailable and the DNA is simply too hard to newlineCollect In those cases forensic scientists relied on odontology and newlineanthropology to establish the deceased individual s identity Forensic newlineodontology is a branch of forensics that deals with victim identification based newlineon dental features Owing to the evolution of information technology and an newlineurge to investigate more cases by the forensic newline newline%%%reference p174-189.