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A study of relationship between organisational culture and employee commitment; -

by M V Chinnapan

Institution: INFLIBNET
Department: Social Sciences
Year: 2014
Keywords: Social Sciences
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The focus of the research project was to study the politics of the processes of land newlineacquisition for development projects in Kerala especially the acquisition of agricu Itural newlinewetland areas The researcher used a Qua litative Collective Case Study method to newline newlineunderstand the processes of land acqition by The two cases undertaken newlineincluded the land acquisition for the National Highway Connectivity for Vallarpadam newlineInternational Container Terminal Project leTT passing through seven villages falling newlinein Kanayannur Taluk and the proposed acqu isition of 472 acres ofland from Thuravur newlineManjapra Matur villages in Aluva Taluk both falling in Ernakulam district in Kerala, newlineGoing beyond a state versus people dichotomy, the study looked into the role of newlinedifferent stakeholders involved in the micro politics of land acquisition and newlineconversion and the varying interests entailed The study also looked into the nature of newlineconflicts and struggles around present day land acquisitions which can open up space newlinefor a dialogue process pertaining to the real concept of development In the study the newlinesocial and environmental issues arising out of a land acquisition project was also looked newlineupon The study also looked into the legal and institutional mechanisms in the context newlineof which these land acquisitions takes place%%%Bibliography P. i - xxxx Appendices p. i-x