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This thesis deals with Deliberate or Intentional discharge of oil into the High Sea: It analyses the efficacy of laws and techniques used in detecting and combating the problem. It also compromises a comparative study between Norway and Tanzania.The objective of this research is to show that the high sea is vulnerable to deliberate oil pollution just like coastal waters or territorial waters and therefore it should be equally protected. This research also shows that the laws governing pollution in the high sea are not effective and hence have contributed to the vulnerability of the high sea. Chapter one describes the problem generally while taking into account what other authors or authorities have said about this problem of deliberate oil discharge into the high sea, critical analysis of the legal frame work has been discussed in chapter two, challenges of eradicating the problem of deliberate or intentional oil discharge in the selected countries has been analyzed in chapter three, while conclusion and recommendations of what should be done have been set out in chapter four.