Mindfulness, mindlessness, mindfullessness: what did I do again?

by Colie Yan Yue Leung

Institution: AUT University
Year: 0
Keywords: Mindfullness; Mindlessness; Visual arts; Performance; Conceptual; Media arts; Time; Experience; Absurd; Humour; Instructions; Gestures; Repetition; Awareness; Mind; Mindful; Mindless; Moments
Record ID: 1302115
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10292/8231


Moments that are usually imperceptible are highlighted and magnified; they are made absurd, taking serious matters in a playful manner the imagination at play can be amplified with a touch of light-heartedness. We have our own flow of actions every day, but what do they mean? Or, what could they mean? Does washing the plate merely mean washing the plate? By virtue of subtle shifts in bodily gestures and the mind’s awareness, thoughts radically change signifying the transitions of perceptions. This idea can be explored in relation to different experiences through simple gestures or moments within the everyday tasks. Instructions for simple and straightforward gestures draw attention to imperceptible moments that could otherwise have gone unnoticed whether we are mindful or mindless. In this way, experiences and events are given new possible meanings and interpretations.