AbstractsPhilosophy & Theology

As normal: an art exploration of the gendered self

by Colin Nairn

Institution: AUT University
Year: 0
Keywords: Gender construction; Normal; Identity; Performance; Posturing; Social; Society; Video; Binary; Behaviours; Masculine; Culture; Sexual
Record ID: 1308815
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10292/8358


This art project explores the socio-cultural construction of gendered identity, in particular it examines how the norm provides models for performance that can undo as much as construct identity. By using lens-based approaches including moving image, this project explores how the developing identity of a subject is constructed in interaction with socio-cultural forces and their signs; allowing both the individual and society to change, merge together and interact. For this project gender is then examined as a normalizing tendency, where identity is performed rather than given, and where the repeated presentation of certain behaviours serves to reinforce the signs that come to construct and represent gender. This project critically investigates the attraction towards the norm, and how the tendency to mask non-conforming behaviours, undoes identity, and undoes society.