The Challenges Relatives Face When They Have a Family Member with a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

by Karyn Devescovi

Institution: University of Otago
Year: 0
Keywords: Schizophrenia; and; Families
Record ID: 1314625
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10523/4891


This study explores the varying perspectives of caregivers with a family member who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, in the West Coast region. The study was carried out between January 2013 and November 2013. The aim was to gain a better understanding of the experiences and challenges families face when living with a family member with schizophrenia and having involvement with Mental Health Services. It specifically examines the process of service delivery and how services can assist families to overcome these challenges, both in Government and non-government sectors. It is apparent that there has been a great deal of change since the beginning stages of deinstitutionalisation and it is, therefore, an appropriate time to carry out such a project. The study utilised both a questionnaire and focus groups for data collection. The true value of this report will be in the presentation of the views of caregivers. It is envisaged that the findings from the study will be considered in practice and for policy development.