AbstractsComputer Science

System for firmware verification

by Daniel Nilsson

Institution: Linnæus University
Year: 2009
Keywords: software verification; unit-testing; domain specific languages; embedded platform; firmware; testing framework; Natural Sciences; Computer and Information Science; Computer Science; Naturvetenskap; Data- och informationsvetenskap; Datavetenskap (datalogi); TECHNOLOGY; Information technology; Computer science; TEKNIKVETENSKAP; Informationsteknik; Datavetenskap; Computer Engineering; Datorteknik; teknik; Technology
Record ID: 1331480
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Software verification is an important part of software development and themost practical way to do this today is through dynamic testing. This reportexplains concepts connected to verification and testing and also presents thetesting-framework Trassel developed during the writing of this report.Constructing domain specific languages and tools by using an existinglanguage as a starting ground can be a good strategy for solving certainproblems, this was tried with Trassel where the description-language forwriting test-cases was written as a DSL using Python as the host-language.