The main purpose of this study is to design an instrumented end-wall to study the heat transfer mechanisms and flow measurements in Outlet Guided Vanes (OGVs) section in a linear cascade located at Chalmers University of Technology in order to understand the thermal interaction between the OGVs, end-walls and the air flow. The design is conducted using Computer-Aided Design(CAD), the CAD software used in this project is SolidWorks. Furthermore, an optimization of the design has been performed using SolidWorks and Matlab in order to minimize the heat transfer measurement error during the experiments. The data acquired with these studies can be used for CFD validation purposes or for future design modications of the OGVs or endwalls as the coolant needed or the materials that can be used. In addition, flow measurements in a low-speed linear cascade has been performed to understand the fluid behaviour in this section. The data obtained in these experiments can be compared with other similar experiments and with CFD simulations.