Invisible quality in frozen vegetables - A study to indicate which factors influence brand loyalty

by Sabina Dahlqvist

Institution: Kristianstad University
Year: 0
Keywords: Social Sciences; Law; Samhällsvetenskap; Juridik; LAW/JURISPRUDENCE; RÄTTSVETENSKAP/JURIDIK; Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics; Ekonomprogrammet; samhälle/juridik; Social and Behavioural Science, Law
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This dissertation is written within the marketing area. From the beginning we wanted the whole dissertation to be about invisible quality, but the time and the amount written about the subject was too little, so we decided to write the dissertation around brand loyalty and factors that may influence. The factors are price, country of origin, invisible quality and experienced knowledge. One of the main problems is to find out how important invisible quality is for brand loyalty and the active choice of brand in frozen vegetables for the consumers. And the other problem is which factors will influence brand loyalty. The dissertation is written from a deductive point of view which means that we have proceeded from existing theories and developed a model that has brand loyalty as the core and the four factors that may influence brand loyalty. The purpose of the model is to research if the factors influence brand loyalty. The primary data have been collected through a research we made with one hundred end-consumers. We interviewed the respondents at the frozen food-counter in three big supermarkets, Domus, Willy’s and Maxi, in Kristianstad. We wanted to research their attitudes and behaviours towards frozen vegetables. This study shows that consumers do not have knowledge about the concept invisible quality but know what the factor invisible quality contains. The factor invisible quality means for example nutrition, cultivation process and pesticide. The companies need to find a way to communicate the invisible quality factor to end-consumers and not the concept. We could not indicate any association between brand loyalty and the four factors.